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Booth Exhibitor – Benefits include two (2) workshop registrations, an exhibit table, an organization logo on the SCEMA website with a link and recognition of your sponsorship by the SCEMA president. Your logo will also be displayed on SCEMA’s website for the duration of the month of February 2024.

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Deadlines and Cancellation Policy

It is important to note all deadlines associated with the workshop. The pre-planning contact for each sponsor will be notified of changes in advance and with reasonable notice to respond. However, if submission deadlines are missed, it may result in a loss of benefits or the opportunity to participate in the conference or conference activities. SCEMA must receive all cancelations in writing. A cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total cost of the exhibit will apply to any exhibitor cancellation received after January 15, 2024. After February 10, 2024, no refunds will be given.

  • Booth Exhibitor/$1,200-(50 Spots Available)- Benefits include two (2) workshop registrations, an exhibit table, an organization logo on the SCEMA website with a link and recognition of your sponsorship by the SCEMA president. Your logo will also be displayed on SCEMA’s website for the duration of the month of February 2024.

Official Sponsorship Rules and Regulations

  1. The exhibition is meant to supplement the professional meetings by providing staff with various products, services and information. Exhibitors are expected to display their products and discuss their services with awareness of the professional and practical needs of SCEMA members. SCEMA reserves the right to refuse space to any applicant, which, in the opinion of the Association, is unlikely to contribute to the overall objectives of the workshop.
  1. Exhibitor Representatives’ Responsibilities–Each exhibitor must name at least one person to be the official on-site representative or responsible party and a pre-planning coordinator. These can be the same individual. The pre-planning contact will receive all relevant materials, including confirmations, scheduling updates and alerts relating to the workshop exhibition. At least one representative must be at the display during all official hours of the exhibition. Exhibit representatives must comply with SCEMA’s rules and regulations contained in this agreement.
  2. Contract for Space – This application for exhibit space, confirmation, the notices of space assignment by SCEMA and the full payment of rental charges constitute a contract for a right to use the space. The application could be filed promptly and must be accompanied by payment.
  1. Arrangement of Exhibits–All exhibits must be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view or hide the exhibits of others. The standard booth equipment provided to the exhibitor by the Management will consist of a designated exhibit area, a table, 2chairs, and electricity (if needed). A maximum height of 10 feet will be permitted on all exhibit fixtures, components and identification signs.
  1. Set-Up and Dismantle–Exhibits may be installed and dismantled in the designated exhibit area at the designated set-up time and date only. Exhibitors may not dismantle or disturb their exhibits until after the official teacher downtime. Failure to observe this rule will result in a verbal and written reprimand for the first offense. Financial penalties, to be determined by the SCEMA staff, will apply for subsequent offenses. All exhibits and accompanying supplies must be dismantled and removed from the exhibit area by the designated time. Times are tentative and subject to change.
  1. Registration of Exhibitor Personnel–Each exhibiting organization is entitled to the number of workshop registrations that coincide with their sponsorship level. No additional passes will be provided. All personnel in exhibit booths are required to display proper name badges throughout move-in, show hours and move-out. SCEMA staff and security will check all exhibit representatives’ badge identification claimed Space–Any space unclaimed by 6:00 p.m. on February 21, 2024, maybe reassigned without refund; SCEMA will not be liable for any incurred expenses.
  1. Care of Building–Exhibitors or their agents shall not injure or deface the walls or floors of the buildings, the exhibit space, equipment or furnishings. The exhibitor will be held liable for any such damage caused by the organization’s agent.
  1. Use of Exhibit Space–No exhibitor shall assign or share the whole or any part of the space allotted without the consent of the Association and approval of the terms thereof. No exhibitor is permitted to show goods other than those manufactured or handled by him/her in the regular use of the business. No firm or organization not assigned space in the exhibition room will be permitted to solicit business in any manner within room.
  1. Sound Devices and Noise Level – Using devices for mechanical sound reproduction is prohibited. Any demonstration or presentation must be conducted at a low volume so that nearby exhibitors are not bothered.
  1. Entertainment–The sponsor agrees not to sponsor group functions such as hospitality suites, tours, films, showings, speeches or other activities during the meeting and exhibition hours that would in any way interfere with delegate attendance at regular SCEMA workshop meetings or activities or induce visitors away from the workshop. The sponsor must clear with the Association any intended group functions.
  1. Circulation and Solicitation–Distribution by the sponsor of any printed matter, souvenirs or other articles must be confined to the space assigned. No undignified manner of attracting attention will be permitted. All space belongs to SCEMA. No exhibitor advertising matter will be allowed to extend beyond the space allotted to the exhibitor.
  1. Direct Selling–If there are on-location transactions, the exhibitor will be responsible for complying with all federal, state and local laws regarding sales taxes and laws that may pertain to such sales.
  1. General Restrictions–(A) The Association reserves the right to, restrict, prohibit, and evict without refund any exhibit or person that, in the Association’s opinion, because of noise, method of operation or for any reason, becomes objectionable and may detract from the general character of the workshop, who interferes in any way with another exhibiting organization or their exhibit staff or who displays a disregard for the rules and regulations outlined in this document. (B) No display of material exposing an unfinished surface to neighboring booths or an aisle will be permitted. (C) Exhibitors are not permitted to set up displays in hotel rooms, hotel suites or lobby) Exhibitors can distribute only those food and drink samples, which are manufactured by them in the regular course of a business unless approved in advance by SCEMA.
  1. Location of Exhibits–The Association reserves the right to alter the exhibition’s location and/or individual exhibitor booths as it is deemed advisable and in the interest of the workshop. Notice of such changes will be sent to the Pre-Planning Contact.
  1. Liability and Insurance–The Association will take certain precautions to safeguard the exhibit; however, the Association will not be liable for loss or damage to property of the exhibitor or his representatives, employees or agents from theft, fire, accident or any other cause beyond its control. Exhibitors are advised to insure themselves at their own expense against property loss or damage and against liability for injury. The Association’s liability for injury to persons or loss or damage to property shall be limited to such as may be caused by its negligence. The exhibitor shall indemnify the Association against and hold it harmless from the negligence of the exhibitor in connection with the exhibitor’s use of the display space.
  1. Failure to Open Exhibition–In case the premises shall be destroyed or damaged, or if the SCEMA Workshop fails to take place as scheduled or is interrupted and/or discontinued, and access to the premises is prevented or interfered with by reason because of any strike, lockout, injunction, act of war, act of God, emergency declared by any US government agency, or for any other reason, this contract may be terminated by SCEMA. In the event of such termination, the exhibitor waives any and all damages and claims for damages but will receive a refund for price of the booth exhibition rental.
  1. Regulations and Contract–These regulations have been formulated in the best interests of all concerned and become part of the contract between the exhibitor and SCEMA. All matters and questions not covered by these regulations are subject to the decisions of SCEMA’s Executive Leadership Team and the SCEMA Conference Committee.