Pre-Conference Training

SCEMA is excited to offer MGT-341 and MGT-418

  • MGT-418 Readiness: Training Identification and Preparedness Planning
    • This course teaches participants how to create effective training plans for their agencies and jurisdictions. By evaluating their abilities to meet their emergency operations plan (EOP) using traditional and national preparedness tools, participants can answer the following critical readiness questions:
      • how prepared do we need to be?
      • How prepared are we?
      • How do we prioritize efforts to close the difference?
    • Register Here (2/20-2/21)
  • MGT-341 Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Organizations Within the Community Infrastructure
    • The Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Organizations Within The Community Infrastructure course provides information specific to healthcare organizations vulnerability to a disaster. During this FEMA sponsored course, participants will be introduced to the various natural, technological, and civil hazards to which healthcare organizations may be vulnerable and the potential impacts of those hazards.
    • Federal guidelines and legislation that serve to aid in the preparedness for, and response to, incidents involving these hazards are discussed, as are current emergency management standards for the healthcare community. Participants review response and recovery issues that should be addressed by medical facilities and organizations in preparation for a large-scale incident, including identification of critical resources necessary for response and recovery.
    • Register Here (2/20-2/21)